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Memory or GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) have the challenge to face their data to the world. ALIADA, Spanish word that means ‘ally’, is intended to be a tool to help librarians and curators from cultural heritage institutions to automatically publish their high quality data in the Linked Data Cloud. Traditionally, data from libraries and museums have been stored as ‘silos’ of information because their metadata are codified using their own schemes and formats, not accessible by machines and applications more general public-focused. In addition, these information professionals create rich data from their collections, but they are not expert enough to face the coming technologies required to take advantage of the opportunities that the information and open knowledge era provides. To overcome these limitations, ALIADA EC-funded Project has developed an open source tool compliant with libraries and museums standards that automatically converts library and museum metadata into structured data ready to be published in the Linked Data Cloud, according to the Linked Data paradigm. Thus, heritage and cultural data are also open and available to be queried and reused by machines, innovative applications, search engines and other cultural and research institutions to generate more open knowledge.

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SCANBIT, as member of the ALIADA Consortium, provides the required services to install, customize and integrate this tool with libray or museum management systems (KOHA, TMS, and more). ALIADA uses its own ontology based on FRBRoo, SKOS, FOAF and Geonames, and link the library or museum dataset to other datasets, such as Europeana, Dbpedia, VIAF, Freebase, National Library of Spain, British Library o Library of Congress, and more. ALIADA easily converts MARCXML, LIDO or Dublin Core metadata into RDF and creates a public and stable SPARQL endpoint accesible by the web of data and published on Datahub. ALIADA can be evolved to make it compliant with other vocabularies and data models, such as schema.org, BIBFRAME and other domains (archives, education, …).

ALIADA is currently running in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and in ARTIUM Basque Museum of Contemporary Art.

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