DSpace, VuFind and KOHA: experts panel at Featured Creators and Stories Conference

On Tuesday October 1, 2013, in collaboration with the Pontificia Universitá della Santa Croce, The American University of Rome will host a one day conference to examine new trends in the evolving domain of discovery and search tools. AUR will bring together a panel of experts in the field, including Demian Katz and Eoghan Ó Carragáin, developers of VuFind; Paul Poulain, developer of Koha; and Andrea Bollini, DSpace committer.

SCANBIT, as an expert in implementing DSpace and VuFind in Spain, will attend the conference as a sponsor and speaker

Since 2008, SCANBIT provides VuFind proffesional support and has also developed the driver to full integrate VuFind and AMICUS LibriSuite ILS.

More information here: http://en.pusc.it/bib/featured-creators-and-stories.