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LibriSuite, or AMICUS LibriSuite, is the next generation library management system and the latest version of AMICUS and Dobis-Libis family systems. Dobis-Libis (IBM) was developed by the Universities of Dortmund (Germany) and Leuven (Belgium) and, its successor, AMICUS, was designed and developed by the National Library of Canada and it supports huge amounts of data, large library networks and bilingualism.

LibriSuite is a web-based platform, developed by LibriCore (Belgium), @Cult (Italy) and SCANBIT (Spain) since 2004 according the latest technology (Java) and standards (MARC21, AACR2, RDA, Z39.50, ISO 2709…).

LibriSuite is modular and includes Search (Oracle-based) and Cataloguing, Serials management, Authorities, Circulation, Acquisitions, Products, Administration and Shelf-Check. As OPAC, most of the libraries working with AMICUS choose VuFind. SCANBIT developed and released the driver for the full integration between both systems.  LibriSuite can be also integrated with third party applications through web services (SOAP or REST)

LibriSuite is a community source, deployed in large, medium and small size libraries and it may be acquired to install locally or as a service (SaaS with annual renewal).

There is an international users group called ADLUG (Automation & Digital Libraries Users Group), which meets annually.

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