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EBK provides public libraries and universities with a EBooK lending platfom for managing and publishing Ebooks from multiple publishers that patrons may browse and checkout.

This platform is currently running in the Basque Government (Spain), in the public libraries of the region, with more than 900,000 registered users and approximately 2M of potential users. The ebook acquisition and lending model is negotiated between the Library Service and the publishers.

EBK allows each publisher to add metadata and epub files and the Library Service responsible is the administrator of the platform and decides which titles will be offered on the platform, integrated or not with the library catalogue. Patrons that are registered as borrowers in the library management system can access to the platfom and select the title to borrow. If the title is not available, it is possible to make a request (hold). Ebooks can be read online or downloaded.  Ebooks provided by publishers are protected with a DRM system.

EBK can be easily integrated with a library catalogue and discovery tools (for example, VuFind).

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